A downloadable game

[ content warning: ]
this game graphically deals with suicide ideation, depression, & anxiety.
it may not be suitable for some peoples. 



a game about trying to cope.


[ i'm not very html savvy,
but i hope the emotional intent of this game comes across nevertheless.
it was written in a very dark period of my life. ]

best played in a browser.


when you just want to find the exit 297 kB


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this game really touched me in all the worse/best ways. i played through two times and uh thank you for kind of opening my eyes to my own depressive/ suicidal thoughts recently.

all in all im really glad to have played this and im glad you made it :)

thank you so much! <3

nice game, i would love to see something longer and harder(survived both of my tries) like this

i named my fish sherk. i fucking died while i was playing.