A downloadable game

[ content warning: ]
this game graphically deals with suicide ideation, depression, & anxiety.
it may not be suitable for some peoples. 



a game about trying to cope.


[ i'm not very html savvy,
but i hope the emotional intent of this game comes across nevertheless.
it was written in a very dark period of my life. ]

best played in a browser.


when you just want to find the exit 297 kB


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wow...that was so real...the pop-up questions were so... they were just like the voice in your head... it's so real. Great job. 

Damn, that was... real

Beautiful game. Just like everyone else iI loved seeing what i wrote actually be integrated. It's pretty much what im going through in my life right now and I could actually see a bit of myself in the game.
Very well done and I loved your writing. Nothing too cheesy or fancy but still deep enough to make you really feel it


wont open :( when I open the html its just a blank white page

I got the same blank page, im just writing this down in case the author finds a solution to this, it seems like a really amazing game.


As someone with severely painful Crohn's Disease, Generalized Anxiety Disorder with panic attacks, ADHD, and suicidal ideation, who has almost successfully killed myself when my Crohn's was at its worst and I was almost out of opioids to help with the pain, this game was something I could very easily relate to. My partner of 15 years has PTSD because of this.

My best friend killed himself by hanging himself in his garage back in November 2017. He told me he was going to do it about five minutes before he did it, although we had both talked about killing ourselves for about a year beforehand.

Nothing about this game shocked me. This is pretty much my reality. I deal with it day-by-day and try to struggle through. One day I am sure I will probably end up killing myself, but that day is not today.

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Hello internet stranger. Fellow depression and anxiety sufferer here, just here to drop by and tell you that you can always do it. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel, and to never, ever ever give up no matter what. Hang on tight! 

Thanks, gabfreak. Your comment was much appreciated. I hope you are having a great day!


I'm sorry. I'm deeply truly sorry.

this is realy deep

THank you for showing me what i wrote at the end, i meant them, i needed to see them.

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I wrote an article about this game! Truly fantastic :)

An amazing look into life with depression. I personally do not have depression, but this gave me a new perspective and a better idea of what my friends and family feel. Thank you, seriously.

Great story telling.feel like i connected to it on a deep level.

A+, would feel targeted but also less lonely again


As someone who has had these sort of thoughts, it has really opened my eyes. I managed to survive though, just like I am now...


I've played the same way I'm managing my real life depression... I didn't last long.

This game felt quite accurate, amazing storyelling!

Loved this game played through it 3 times. I hope you make more games like this!!


I... I'm in near tears.

I just finished playing for the first time. I... I didn't expect to be shown that at the end. I don't want to leave spoilers for those that want to play, although it's pretty short, but... I... said yes to everything, and to be shown that...



This game is very interesting and fantastic in it's presentation.  It's super unique and I very much enjoyed the story.  A little unfortunate that from my understanding the ending is unchanging, but overall a great message over the difficulty of anxiety/depression and what it feels like to have an anxiety attack.  You did a fantastic job with this!


i eventually had to stop playing it i knew i was going to had an attack


this game really touched me in all the worse/best ways. i played through two times and uh thank you for kind of opening my eyes to my own depressive/ suicidal thoughts recently.

all in all im really glad to have played this and im glad you made it :)

thank you so much! <3


nice game, i would love to see something longer and harder(survived both of my tries) like this


i named my fish sherk. i fucking died while i was playing.